Hey, I just bought an acoustic guitar about a week ago and have gotten some tips from my uncle as well as other friends, but I still think I'm kind of lost.

I'm pretty good at strumming, but the notes just sound completely off whenever I try to imitate a song.

I was just wondering:

1) What do you recommend I do to get better? I have a lot of free time, and I want to dedicate it to practicing.

2) Is it worth investing in a professional teacher? I don't mind spending money, but I do when I have the choice to get tips for free.

3) I've read a few guitar tabs but it doesn't make much sense to me. (For instance if the number is an 8 on the B string, does that mean it's the 8th fret?)

If you could provide any links (perhaps from this forum) or anything, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance
i will answer in order

1) you are doing well as it is practicing.

2)yes it is good to invest in a proffesional teacher because he will teach you correct techniques and chords easily and they only cost $20 and $25

3) yes it does mean 8th fret you are picking up very well.

it will also b good if you chose simple songs to start off with.

keep it up and take the advice



If the notes are off while you are strumming, and you are playing the right frets/chord shapes, then you should check to see if your guitar is in tune. If you dont have a tuner, then there are plenty of online ones. The only thing you can do to get better, is practice, read through the Acoustic Guitar Forum and the Guitar Techniques Forum for tips, and check out the Lessons section of the site. Teachers can be worth it, i have never got one to learn bass, although at times i wish i had, i just can afford it really.

Have a look at this lessson to help you to learn to read tabs.

For future reference, the New Member Q&A forum is for member introductions (in the stickied thread) and for users to ask general questions about the runnings and workings of the site, not for guitar related queries

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