I just read on WikiPedia that when Weezer recorded their second album, Pinkerton, they got their distorted sounds from connecting more than one distortion pedal together. Has anybody gotten good results from this? Or did it just sound like buzz + guitar?
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Well, I would imagine they used some mild overdrive pedals. I doubt they used more than one serious ass distortion pedal, if that.

I guess if you were to hooks up two overdrive pedals, with your amp on a perfect clean or slight slight gain, and then gave the overdrive pedals a little bite, and then eq'ed it all real nice, and then used a nice noise gate, you could pull off a nice tone.

But when recording, it's generally better to just layer guitar tracks using a slightly more than mild overdrive. Gives it that nice big sound.
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Probably a distortion pedal boosted by an OD or two, the tone is not that heavy but still fairly edgy.


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