Basically some dude, MARC JOSEPH RAYMUNDO, is in the running for a scholarship competition to assist him with paying for college. I guess he made the national round and he had to win against this eagle scout to move up in his bracket. the thing is, he is losing by 200 votes when in reality he should be losing by much more because he thinks he's better than us all since his credentials are far greater than the ours.

i would like to ask the pit, as i know only the pit can achieve this, to sign up for this website and vote for against MARC JOSEPH RAYMUNDO for this competition to help him lose.

the bracket is here in this link below.


all you have to do is sign up for the site and go to the link and vote against MARC JOSEPH RAYMUNDO.

this could essentially make or break his college dreams and what greater achievement could the pit claim than ruining a young mans life. all you have to do is vote it's maybe a few minutes of your time and this could go down in UG as our greatest achievement. its not like i am asking you to give money or hours of service or anything like that.

Mods please make an exception for any rule that bans such a thread, as i have not read any of the site rules because I'm a douche that thinks I'm better than everyone else. It's to ruin a kids future, what could be better?
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no thanks
edit: oh i see what you did here....
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No. Just no.
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You are an ass. I think I'll ban you for this.

You have simply proved to me that he is better than you; and if anyone should definitely not receive education its your stupid ****ing ass that doesn't even have enough decency to respect another human's ambitions and right to live as he chooses. I personally hope you rot in whatever hell does exist.