Im wanting a new amp head and im not sure what to get....
Amps which have caught my attention are:
Marshall JCM800 master volume reissue.
Mega Boogie dual rectifier.
Krank krankenstein.
ENGL fireball.
or Peavey 5150

pro's/con's would be great.

or if you could recommend anything different that would be cool too.

Cheers in advance
I have tested the 5150II with the Krank, Dual, and an 800, not that one though. The 5150 and the Krank are one trick pony's for the most part. Very bro00tal???, but crappy clean. The 800 can clear up quite nice if you want a darker clean. The dual works the best as a "versatile" amp. It's weird, because all of these amps are made for metal, but all had a distinct distortion.

The 5150 had a harsh amazingly over driving gain, very clear, and had great low end. Krank was about the same, maybe a little more low end, and quieter. The Mesa had a smooth bass sounding distortion, lacked the cut through compared to the other two. The 800 was the best to me, just enough distortion for solos and matched the bass and mid response to the other couple amps.

I can see the ENGL being sort of a higher gain 800, so you should check that out as well.
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i'll take a Rev than a Krankenstine because i like the cleans better.
if you dont like cleans then i reccomend a
KranK Krankenstine
Peavey 6505+/6505
ENGL Fireball (new one or old)
and a Splawn Nitro (just to throw an amp that i like )
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