Hey guys, I'm new here.... but I had a few questions.

1. Whenever I use my whammy bar, my guitar gets out of tune. Its a FAT 10 Bridge with new strings. I heard that changing the springs will help... is there anything I can do? Also, what are the adjustment sorrows at m end of the trends bridge for?

2. Can the guitar neck have minor adjustments too? or is it either completely crooked, or perfectly straight?

3. How some people use single coil pickups without the hum?

thanks to everyone at UG!
i didnt stretched the strings, but i got them installed at guitarcenter
im kind of a noob

the only thing i did was raise the bridge because the action was too low. i raised it by opening the bridge screws with an allen wrench...is that the right way to raise the action or am i supposed to do something with the neck?
The FAT10 isnt a locking trem, so it will go out of tune when you use it. There are ways you can stop it going out of tune as much, but never completely.
Yes you can just do minor adjustments to the neck, it should only have a small forwards bow. Very small.
You cant have true single coils without hum. If you dont like it, get some single sized humbuckers or hum cancelling singles.
thanks phil

after reading this: http://www.ibanez.com/support/help.aspx
i got really confused on how to raise the action, i just unscrewed the two hex screws that hold the trem...is this the correct way?

also, as you talked about the truss rod adjustments, how do i know if i need it?
Yeah, thats right.
To check the truss rod, fret the low E at the first and last frets. There should be about a credit cards width between the string and the top of the 9th fret.
so i did what you told me, and i get a credit cards width only when i hold the first fret, but not the 24th fret. does that mean i need adjustment?

also what do the 6 screws on the tremolo adjust? and other that adding a spring, how else can i keep it in tune longer?

thanks a bunch phil
Ok, the fat is merely cosmetic. I don't really know why they put them in guitars cause they just don't work in a normal environment. You get "stacked humbuckers" wich is a humbucker but the size of a single coil. The screws on the tremolo I assume is the screws that adjust your intonation.

To check if your guitar's intonation is correct, play the low E string (top string) on the 12th fret and then the harmonic on the 12th fret and it should both be in tune and sound the same. Do this with all strings and adjust the screws if they don't sound the same.
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Quote by kashmeister
is there an easier way to check intonation? i dont really know how to do harmonics

Don't worry about intonation then. If you're able to tune your guitar and it sound good, leave as is. What guitar do have? What amp etc? I assume an Ibanez GRG?
phil was right about the tremolo being a toy

heres what happened:
i broke my high E string, i was trying to make it actually sound, it wouldnt "ring"
i went to guitar center today, and i just bought strings (D'Addario) and while i was there, i showed my guitar (ibanez grg170) to the tech. he wasnt just one of the punks that dont know what they do. He was working for Third Coast Guitar Service, Inc and i told him about the truss/neck issue and how i changed the action. he looked at it and showed me how the neck curved down, so he was nice and offered to adjust the neck for free...he tried adjusting and it seemed to make no difference. then he looked at it for a long time...concluded that the neck was curved or crooked or something which is why i couldnt get the high strings to ring...and that it would cost almost the price of the guitar to refinish the neck.
I trusted him, he was in his 40's and seemed to have lots of experience...
I called musician's friend today, got an exchange for a Schecter Sunset Deluxe Black
*I really hope its better, it has dual humbuckers, and a real floyd rose trem

Thanks guys for all the help, if i need help when i get the schecter, i'll just ask the UG community!
You guys are the best!