I'm using a Warlock Revenge (humbucker pickups) and a Fender 15w Rumble amp.

When the tone is up I get a bad buzzing sound unless I touch a screw on the amp, the instrument cable, the bridge, the strings or the tuning pegs.

Here is a really low quality video showing it, probably hard to understand due to it not filming a lot of the bass.


I'm hoping its a problem with the bass as I can fix it under warranty whereas the amp I got second hand at a killer price, the amp has a 30 day warranty but the place I bought it from was a second hand store so they could not fix it.

Also on my tutors amp I noticed a small buzz that stopped when I touched a metal part of my guitar touching the strings although he had 2 basses plugged into his amp.
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it's your bass...

get some shielding put in your bass and check the ground wire
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These problems pretty much can come from anywhere.

One thing i'd reccomend is
a.) Check your power cord, I had a huge problem with mine cause it wasn't very good.

and b.) Try playing the amp plugged in at a different house, sometimes if your house is older the electrics are not necessarily in amazing condition and can cause this.

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Ok, I am 100% certain its now the amp since my friends Les Paul and instrument cable both did it.

However, would this mean my tutors amp has a grounding problem?
There are several things that cause hum/buzz, most often it is from the instrument caused by screening issues.
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