I have been working on this for the past couple days.

I have been reasearching different sub-genres of rock so far i have 190 different genres. It has taken a lot of reasearch and will continue to take a lot more because i plan to have the typical instruments used by the catogory and what origns the genre has. like what other genres formed together to creat this one. I am also writing what time period and where it began. I also have information on what makes it different and like what it actually is. Of course i also have band examples for each genre.

I also plan to make a flow chart all steming from rock n' roll and expanding down and down to the othe genres.

is it worth continuing this project or should i just scrap it.

So far I have a list of all my genres and over the pst 3 days I have gotten the above information for the around 30 to 40 of the first genres
SKY BLUE TEAM OWNS ALL (If we still exsited)
i am hoping it will be pretty cool right now i have 46 genres done beeing researched so i think i will probly get done reaserching in the next week or so.

Did you know there is a genre called nintendocore (lol) its kind cool but it made me laugh
SKY BLUE TEAM OWNS ALL (If we still exsited)
i hope it turns out decent though. any tips on anything else i should add
SKY BLUE TEAM OWNS ALL (If we still exsited)
Okay thanks. I will talk to you guys again in a couple weeks when I have it done.
SKY BLUE TEAM OWNS ALL (If we still exsited)