I have just bought an extension cab for my newly aquired AC30CC, can anyone please help me connect the thing up, on the rear of the AC30 there are a couple of outlets and also the impudence switch, what do i need to select, 8ohms or 16 ohms and where do i put the lead to keep the amp speakers working at the same time, external or extension?
Apologies for being so unclear but I'm sure the AC30 owners will know what i mean.
the cab i've bought is the VOX V212BN.
cheers again lads.
dude, a quick google search could have solved your problem OR RTFM!

the cab's 8 ohms, if you want just the cab put it on external, if you want to run both use extension, i dunno which ohm selection you'd need to have though.


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I guess my extension cab is totally Shagged then, as whatever combination i choose theres naff all coming out of it, i have even bought a new speaker lead today incase my old one was screwed????????????
when in doubt, have a look around the back.....One of the wires has snapped off with ****ty soldering!
Off out to buy a soldering iron.