I'm a lead guitarist looking for a fellow lead guitarist, drummer and bassist who are big fans of Trivium, to start a cover band. It's only for a bit of fun, but I want people who will still take it seriously, right gear, right attitude, right ability etc. If you wanna arse around or have no intention of having a 7 string guitar/5 string bass (for example) then don't bother please, you need to be able to play the stuff, both ability and gear wise. I'd ideally like to have a bit of a tour around the metal scene if we good enough, but lets start slow and get things right first. If you actually happened to have some signature Trivium gear then you are perfect.

As I said, it really is only for fun but I want to take it semi seriously and get somewhere rather than finding a new way to waste time.

I currently live on the southside of Brisbane, would be interested in people who are also southside or up to say 50k's northside, no further as it gets too hard unfortunately. Happy to travel, just not THAT far...

Hope to hear from some of you!

EDIT: Also, if you're under 16 it's too hard sorry. Prefer 18's or over but if you think you've got it and you're 16/17 then still feel free to get into contact.
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