Well, I thought i'd heard the end of him until he started randomly posting ****ty comments on my youtube videos again today.

For those who don't remember, https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=970506 that was the old thread.


That's the video he's just commented on, and you can see some of his old ones further down (he has two accounts, one called butane1245

I'm not asking anything from the pit, people like this really just piss me off though.

Why would you put up fake videos of you playing, then tell other people their real videos are ****e?!

Well, he seemed to get extremely pissed off when UG posted stuff on his account last time (hes deleted it all now , so any help is appreciated haha.
what a dick

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Send him pictures of your junk.
That'll shut him up.
Or it'll arouse him...either way, he'll stop being a tool.
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By asking us not to do anything,you really mean that we should invade his profile whit absurd comments so he will delete that account allso?
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