Im looking for some info on the LDR used in the pedal. The pedal schematic gives no reference to part# or values. Small bear has 3 pages of LDRs with various resistance values. GGG lists it as a project but they dont know which 1 to use either. Any help would be appreciated.
Can't you use an LDR in combination with a potentiometer? In this case you could regulate the resistance until you get the correct one.

Keep in mind that it's just a suggestion, and that I'm not entirely sure that this would work out as I'm visualizing it.

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Could you please share that information?
I'm planning on building one, but have the same problem
I had a digram somewhere that said a CLM6000 could be used. The guy who had built one said he used a VTL5 series as long as it had low resistance when the LED was on. Which according to the data sheet would be a VTL5C2/2, 4, or 4/2. Other issue was the BC169B trans used. A cross reference I found says 2n3904 and 2n5088s can be subbed. The supastain is one of my projects thats been put on a back burner. I learned long ago having a pile of unfinished projects its hard to get any of them done. So I stick with 2 or 3 at a time and cant start a new 1 until one of the others is done.