Thinking of getting one, and hopefully it'll save me some money on getting a rack ISP Decimator. So what's the noise gate like? Cheers!
I have never owned a G-major. So take this with a grain of salt. But everything I've ever read or seen tells me that. The noise gate isn't all that great on the G-Major. The effects are great however. It's just that the noise gate even turned all the way up I guess is not strong enough. So at least you have something to consider there.
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I find it does kill the noise but sucks your tone at the same time which is surprising since everything else on the G-major is so transparent. Sadly its too noticable for my ears so I just deal with he noise till I can get a decimator. I have to say though I have to really be giving it some with the gain to get into a situation where Id need the gate as generally my setup is rather quiet.
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ya know its not great but its not bad either. it really depends on what youre trying to gate/ what your using it for. i run 2 gates( cause thats what the cool kids do), the ns-2 and the g major gate. the ns-2 does the brunt of the work and i just have the g major on lightly to clean up anything that may sneak through (and to quiet the noise from the g major itself sometimes!). but if your not really hitting it with a lot of hi gain **** and gate lightly its ok, but beyond that it may fall short... but if you run it with a decimator = awesome.
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I found the noise gate on the G-Major to be very lacking, as a result I ran an ISP Decimator ProRackG for my noise reduction and never touched the gate on the G-Major.
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my friend who has the G-Major ended up getting an ISP decimator as he said the G-Major's gate sucked too much tone for his liking.

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