My head is poundin like a hammer to the anvil
I'm comin out tonight just to get a handful of that something
Ooo babe, of that something

Ridin the wind down by the boulevard
Three long black men got out of long black cars
Lookin for somethin
Ooo babe, they want somethin

There's boarded up windows and broken dreams
Out in the heartland things are tearin at the seams
They're missin somethin
Oh babe, where's that somethin?

Daddy left his keys in the door
Three hundred dollars and a map on the floor
Ain't that somethin
Ooo babe, ain't that something?

Ride tomorrow down the yellow line
We ain't got much but we sure got time
Ain't that somethin?
Ooo babe, we got somethin
"Ridin the wind down by the boulevard"

I really didn't like this line, even though the rhyme with cars is the best in this piece. I just have a personal dislike for the phrase "riding the wind". Apart from that, a great song. I hear it as a folk tune in my head, but i suppose it could work as almost anything.
I like this it reminded me of The Doors.I can imagine Jim singing this over a rock and roll song/Blues. My favorite line is "We ain't got much but we sure got time"

Good stuff man.