Looks like my mom in the kitchen.
I Beat Off Little Children..........

with sticks.

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I GoogleImage'd "shrug" to find an epic pic for this post. Instead I learned that a "shrug" is also an article of clothing.

My mind? Blown.
Get this man a TV show on Adult Swim and he will make millions.
Any spelling or grammatical errors written above are because of my inferior brain to yours. Good job, you won life.
I can't hear the difference between this and Mesuggah's drumming.
Just kidding, but this dude really creeps me out...
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Just kidding, but this dude really creeps me out...

You mean you didn't want his bananas?
Hahah... i was expecting like one of those animated things where the drum part (i.e. snare w/e) appears when he hits it... which made it even more funny when he just started hitting **** with wine in it :p
I blame violent movies and video games.

I must say though, I never would have come up with the concept of drumming on plates and bowls filled with wine. Many a genius were looked at as madmen in their time. Maybe 100 years from now people will look at this with awe.
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^You're awesome.

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Listen to RageAgnstUrJaw.

"I've wronged you, and steal everything from the truth,
Can we find ourselves, walking through a field with no solitude,
The pain goes on."
This is what you get when you make a SAW album
Washburn Idol WI64
Roland Microcube

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Its still hair, you know.