So I've had two MG50DFX Marshalls...why two? you ask

well, the answer is simple. The first one would go in and out of distortion and then eventually yo-yo between high and low volume as well. So I brought it in and the guy at GC checked it out. It was fine when he used it. Figures, that always happens. Either way he gave me a new one for free. So I've had my new Marshall for probably a year and it had worked just fine. Then I decided to add a little more bass to my usual settings. No more than turning the bass to five or six and there we go again. Anyone else have problem with the closed-back Marshall amps?
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search MG on this forum.
Never judge a company on their budget lines. If you do, then the vast majority of companies aren't good. Budget lines are just that. Lower quality items for people with a need but not the money.


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MG = Marshall's worst amps in history.
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Buy a tube Marshall and you won't have to create a thread like this again.
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yeah once i get the money i was considering Krank, Peavey, or a tube Marshall
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yeah solid state marshalls, especially the mg series suck
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Yeah man, marshalls mg suck ****, but you have to thank god you're in the usa. things are cheaper there, if you were here and did some **** like buying a bad amp you'd have to save money long time again to get another.
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It is very unfortunate that a bunch of people sat in a room at marshall and actually thought the MG sounded good. i don't think anything that bad has happened since AMF thought they could build Harley-Davidson motorcycles.
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search MG on this forum.

Search it anywhere on the net. The Valvestates (think they're out of production) where decent for what you paid for it.