I recently changed my p'ups on my Jackson KVX-10 from a ****ty EMG HZ and the standard Seymour Duncan design, pickup that was sitting in neck position to a EMG ZW set. The guitar sounded awesome in my Peavey Vypyr and my VOX Amplug (metal) but as soon as I plug it in to my Peavey 6505 it starts to feedback like a squeeling pig.

Yesterday I decided that I'd resolder the pickups as I may have missed to solder a wire or two. So I Printed a wiring diagram from EMG's homepage (1 Voulme/1Tone w. Gibson style switch) and started to desolder everything, change the pots to a spare volume and tone that I had laying around from another EMG set that I mounted on my Gibson and finished everything. Double checked that I didn't miss anything and changed the battery.

Later I tried the guitar on my Vypyr and it sounded as awesome as last time, although there seemed to be a grounding problem with the pots as everytime I touch either the volume or tone pot, the buzz that is in the background dissappears.
My floyd bridge is not beeing grounded at this point as it says in the instructions that came with the pickups that the bridge should not be grounded.

Switched guitar cable but the buzz was still there.
The buzz is nothing I really care about as I can barely hear it but could that have something to do with the feedback I'm getting on my PV6505?

I've been in contact with the EMG support and they told me to either lower the pickup height (helped a little), lower my gain on my amp (which didn't help at all) or check the cable, but the thing is that my gibson with EMG 81/85 doesn't feedback at all with the settings and the cable I'm using right now, but the Jackson does.
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Get a noise suppressor?

And so I did. Bought a MXR Smartgate and tweaked it a little bit. The only setting that took care of the feeback was having the smartgate on full, trigger level on 15% and having the hi trigger range activated but that killed my sustain!

Any other ideas?
You must have done something wrong, because feedback isnt caused by the guitar, but by pickups/wiring. You say the same pickups in the gibson do not feedback, so it MUST be that you did something wrong wiring them up. Take it to a tech or somebody who know what he's doing, i'm sure he/she can find your problem. We cant solve this through the forum, because to solve it you have to actually see the wiring.
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