me and my friend are thinking of building a speaker cabinet.
we know what the are and what they do but as far as technical stuff goes we are complete noob's.
we have looked lots on the internet but we can't understand the technical jargon.

we need to know:

1. an exact part list of everything we will.
(i.e. wood, speakers etc)

2. good places to get these parts (within the uk preferably but if not then dont worry)

3. where we can get a how to guide to find out more about how cab's go together.

if you have any experience of dealing with this sort of stuff then please help us.

thanks. (Y)
oh, and i forgot to say.
i play mainly blues, indie, rock genres of music.

This is where I buy my speakers, wires and hardware from when building speakers. As for wood, you will need to visit your local Homebase or B and Q.

The technical stuff? Hmm.... there's a really big thread on this forum about cab building and there's currently a good one going on the Bass Forum talking about crossovers, ohms, watts, tweeters, everything and it's all pretty much explain on both different threads.

My main piece of advice would be this ; learn as much as possible, I decided to start building my first cab last year and I only started 2 weeks ago, I spent that time reading everything I could about it. From the woodwork, to the electronics. Even going on websites like Bose, Eminence, Celestion's would help you understand speaker sizes, speaker frequency ranges, etc.

EDIT : I also buy a lot from eBay, it's a risk but if the speakers work, they're usually 1/3 of the retail price.
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really all you need is the number of speakers that you want, the brand that you want, some speaker wire, a jack, a soldering iron, wire cutters, and that's about it. Wire the four speakers in series, and solder the positive to the tip of the jack, negative to the shield.
Emarance speakers are nice, so are Jensen and celestion.

check this website to see how to wire in series.
the speakers im going to be using are celestion g10 greenback's.
iv also just been informed about something called ohm impendance.
whats that? or am i being lied to? lol