Hmm, I was expecting heavier since you capitalized heavy lol, but not a bad song, its definitely promising.

The intro is sick, I for one love it you should definitely think about reusing that riff later on in the song, maybe right after a solo or breakdown or something.

Bar 15 is pretty slick too, think about harmonizing the bit from bar 23-31, I think it would sound good.

The verse riff at bar 32 is pretty tight too, the rhythm for it sounds sweet however the lead that plays on top of it, I hate to say it, has been done a lot of times in metal before. I'm not saying change it, but think about playing around with it for a bit to see if you can come up with an alternate version.

The drums need work too, I know its an unfinished song but just keep that in mind.

All in all, good effort. I want to hear this when its complete so give me a heads up whenever you post it, 7/10.

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