I have a Rocktron Hush pedal and im going rack. I was thinking about going to an ISP Rack hush, but someone told me that the Rocktron rack hush is the same thing and that ISP is just a company of people who designed the Hush at rocktron and left to form a new company. Is this right or wrong and what should i get. The Hush I have now is great but On my amp I can only turn my treble up to about 5 before it starts screaming.
It's true that the Rocktron Hush was designed by the person who now owns and runs ISP Technologies. I've had a few phone conversations with the man and he's a nice guy willing to help out with as much as he can.

As far as the performance of the two companies goes, Rocktron makes decent noise reduction systems, ISP makes AMAZING noise reduction systems. For the specifics on the differences in the technology, there are some good write ups on the ISP website.

To keep this as simple as possible, I've compared a Hush SuperC side by side with a Decimator ProRackG, and the SuperC simply could not compete. The ProRackG was more effective with a lot more usable noise reduction and it was much more transparent as well.
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They where developed by the same guy, but they aren't the same thing the ISP unit is noticeably better. so yeah pretty much what the guy above me said.
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