Hi guys! I'm fairly new to this whole guitar thing, been playing for almost but not quite a year now, just messing around with tabs and what not, but I'm getting quite good at figuring them out!
Much to my dismay then when I spend hours searching for pretty much any tab by the band Faunts. They are a lovely dreamy-experimental-almost-but-not-quite post-rocky band, but I think a few of their more beautiful songs would benefit from having a tab made of them.
Alas, since I don't really know anything about music other than the fact that I've been a singer my whole life and played guitar for not quite one, I'm pretty much not able to tab music.
So if anyone else is in love with this band (or just wants to tab something new), I'll link to a few of the songs I'd like to see tabbed. Thanks guys, hopefully someone has the time and the willingness to tab some of these songs for me!

Faunts - Of Nature

Faunts - Out on a Limb

Faunts - Gone with the Day

And yes, I know there is a tab for M4 (part 2), but seriously, who wants to play that song :P

Thanks guys!
I think I'm allowed to shamelessly self bump myself. So here's a shameless self bump. Nobody can tab these at all? Would it help if I throw down some sort of gauntlet and say things like "I bet none of you are talented enough to tab music like this," etc? I dunno maybe that will rile you up and you'll go BAHH LOOK AT MY MAD TABBING SKILLS (I know there are a lot of people with mad tabbing ability here) and tab it for me.
Heres hoping.