The day rises hoping for a change
That's the way I feel when I see your face
Like a true white butterfly
Your eyes, they never lie

The way it came, the day will go
Will that happen to us too?
Or like the green grass that goes nowhere
Steady we'll just stay there

And we'll wait for it
As the sand awaits the waves
Anyway it may happen
Just make sure you stay true and happy

Upon the great wide blue sky
The birds sing and dance
But is it a song of love
Or are they making their last stance?

And through this world I'll play and sing
Until my lungs collapse
Keeping this promise as the only thing
I'll always stay true to this compromise

That's it. Please tell me what you honestly think about it. It may become a song very soon. =)
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Who pirates Winrar? that has to be the most passive aggressive program I've ever seen.

"hey you should really buy me, the 40 days is up"
* hits X button*
" Oh okay, maybe next time?"

You sir have just won a thousand internets.
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kinda romantic...i would call it mmhh......"It´s only gay if you make eyecontact"