New here, but I have got a lot of questions to ask.
So Ill get right to it.

I bulit a guitar a while ago. I used BCRich's Warlock-s neck. Body is made of ash.
I really tried to make best of it, but now im not so sadisfied any more.

So is there any suggestions i should follow, to make my guitar better for playing performance. I like the sound and all, but its just not fun to play with. Its kinda a slow and bad. I bought Ibanez Gax30 for my brother, and this is even better to shred with.

I need tips to follow. I love this guitars look and sound, but dont like how we work together.

Hope to hear some news soon!

So the fretboard is too slow then?

Try guitar butter or w/e... I guess...
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well, no. I think its constructional mistake or something like that.
I have used Fast fret but still.. Maybe i should try smaller strings.
I'm glueless, i have tried but out of ideas by now.
So i thought maybe you could tell me, what i should follow to get a good result.

What points i should follow when building a guitar?
How to connect neck to body and so on.
Well, I know how to setup trusrod, how to adjust strings height.
I know its difficult to give me any answers if you dont even know whats the problem.
Well i dont either. I use Rotosound 10-50set strings. The strings are aboud 0.5mm from the 12th fret.

I have polt-on neck.

But tell me about this setup.
I know its a set up mistake but i cant set it up right...
Neck is undes 2degrees. That should rise the performance, but i cand feel it.
Ill try to upload some pictures.
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Well it seemes to me that the upper nut is too high. Ill sand it lower.
Ja also made some other changes. Lets hope that i can start loving it more.
Where is the action high for you? You might try to shim the neck, near the body, to add a bit more of an angle and reduce the action on the higher frets. Usually those BC Rich necks feel reasonably fast.
What kind of shape are your frets in? If you shine a light on them, can you see any flat spots in the top where your strings have worn them away? It's difficult to show in pictures, but it looks like this:

This could contribute to it being bad to play. If you don't know how to do fret work, generally having this fixed (filing the frets down and recrowning them) will cost $75 to $125 as part of a full setup. Good luck!
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I think Action is high at the beginning of the neck. I lowered the upper saddle a bit. I can post the result pretty soon. Maybe that was the problem. I dont think that kriffs are the problem. They seem to be ok for me.