i was looking to buy a new headphone amp
i dont have too much money to spend its got to but under 70 dollars
i was looking at the iGTR from waves
and the C Tech Pocket Rock-it S1
i mostly play metal or punk but an ok clean setting would be nice too
i wanna know which one is better or if they both completely suck whats out there thats cheap
I don't know about those, but there are the vox amplugs that are decent and like 50$
Don't know much about the Roland Cube, but the amplugs would be ideal for you. And you don't need a guitar cable since the amplug plugs directly into your input jack.

$40-50 new.

They also have a metal version of the amplug that would suit your playing style

Clean: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Vox-Amplug-AC30-Headphone-Amp?sku=481676

Metal: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Vox-Amplug-Metal-Headphone-Amp?sku=481678
Amplugs are the way to go man .

These things sound really good through headphone or anything youll plug into . im plugin my marshall 4x12 cab straight into the heapdhone jack of the amplug , it sound killer for bedroom practice . good palm muting for punk rock although it lack some mids .

i own the ac30 and metal and theyre the best . the classic rock didnt worth anything IMO .. maybe its jsut me .

the ac30 is clean with gain at 1-2 and overdrive with gain 9-10 . so its perfect for clean to rock .

metal is good for metallica ( think black album ) ... and punk rock , anything with a lot of gain .

honestly ... my microcube and behringer v-amp2 are nowhere as good as my amplug metal . Best thing for the price .

but you may want a behringer v-amp 2 also cause its not that bad for around 70 $ . lots of possibility in that multi effect simulator . the v-amp sound best through headphone .

i think im gonna buy the new one ... Amplug Lead ... i want it . i love VOX stuff .

my suggestion is a vox amplug metal and a behringer v-amp ...

Roland microcube = well i stils dont know what to think of it .. maybe the 4-5 inch speaker didint work for me .. but i didnt like the osund and sound horrible through headphoen . the headphone jack is crappy .

But i havent despair ... im gonna hook up my Microcube to my marshall 4x12 ... id say its ultimate last test im doing with that unit ... if that doesnt satisfy me = garbage .

pulling out the microcube amp chassis of the case is *** . its all glue there .


im building a head out of it ... if it doesnt sound good through a 4x12 .. it never will
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