Depends on the sound you're after. It's geared towards the Dumble type sound, which personally I can't stand.
Take a good clean channel on a good clean amp and the Zendrive will make it sound really close to the overdrive channel on a Dumble ODS. Look up sound clips on youtube. As far as I'm concerned it's a magnificent tone. It's not a very dirty pedal and should only be considered if you're chasing Dumble tones. Obviously, the downside to the Zendrive is that you either have to suffer through Hermida's ridiculous waiting list, or pay somewhere between $250 to $300 for one on ebay.

If you want something that's even better then the Zendrive at chasing Dumble tones and a lot more versatile as well, look up something called the Ethos Overdrive, but sadly it's way more expensive than a Zendrive.
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Cool, thanks guys.
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