Hi everyone,

I'm pulling my hair out trying to find a decent Left Handed Acoustic for around £200. I liked what I heard about the Fender DG-16 but the model was discontinued 6 years ago and I can't seem to find one to play.

Can anybody recommend a model that is currently still being produced that I could check out? Not bothered on the make so long as it ticks all the boxes! Oh its a steel strung I'm after btw, and I play a bit of everything, from classical to folk to rock

Thanks massively in advance to anybody who can help!

Bare in mind that a lot of British prices have just gone up. Sad truth I'm afraid, is that some things have seen up to a 30% rise since the beginning of the year. Yamaha does a decent FG720SL (solid spruce soundboard), but it'll be over £250 by now.
That may not be such a bad thing as I'm actually looking to buy it in Cape Town when I'm staying there for a couple of months next month...I'm just having difficulty finding any half decent lefties that I'll have a good chance of picking up in Cape Town....I'm guessing the price hike is because of the weakening pound?
Yep... sadly so.
Dunno how much choice you'll have over there (should have asked my mate when he passed through a couple of months ago...)
It might be best just to shop around. Go into anywhere you can, play any lefties they have (assuming they have any at all), and take the one you like/can afford. Make sure it's solid top, and all..
Looks like that's what I'll have to do...fingers crossed I can find one I'm happy with! Tried searching for guitar shops in Cape Town earlier....I think South Africa really needs a couple of decent designers...do you remember those old website that used to be made with FrontPage? lol :p Thanks for your help!