Basically for my bands next performance we are doing an acoustic cover of Sweet Child O' Mine, therefore the guitar is tuned to E flat. The other songs we are going to play require us using a capo.

I just wanted to check that using a capo this often, for practices when the guitar has been tuned half a step down isn't going to damage the guitar.

As far as I know, you're in the clear!.
You just have to remember to play every song a fret up.
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As far as I know, you're in the clear!.
You just have to remember to play every song a fret up.

Awesome! I know it seems like a bit of a pointless thread, I did search the forums but found nothing, so I wanted a piece of mind!

I just hope I remember to play the songs a fret up on the night... I'll probably have to write it down o the setlist, otherwise its gonna be an embaressing mess up when it comes to the gig next week!
yeah you should have no problems the only damage is gonna be to your capo but that wont be from a long time and only if you use a cheap capo
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If its a real problem, I reckon it should take you no more than 20/30 seconds to retune your guitar after that song. Just get your frontman to interact with the crowd for that short time.

The capo won't hurt your guitar but I wouldn't play with a capo on all night just so I could tune down half a step for 1 song. I'd just tune it down and then tune it back.

End of the day it's your call though, good luck with the gig
Yeah I agree with what free is saying. It would probly be easier to just tune it during the show. It would also be easier. I don't know about you but my hands are bigger so when I play with the capo and try to finger something on the first fret my hands occasionaly bump into the capo but it's all up to you man.
SKY BLUE TEAM OWNS ALL (If we still exsited)
youre safe bro. just make sure that when you apply the capo, you dont bend the strings out of tune as youre putting it on. that can cause tuning issues obviously lol.
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