I'm new to the forum today. I said a quick hello elsewhere but hello again from the very wind swept but sunny Isle of Man

I've only just got back into playing the guitar, specifically electric. First started many years ago when I was a teenager, so that is a long time ago! One thing I obviously remember from way back then was how the ends of my fingers hurt when I first started, so I was of course expecting it again.

But I don't remember it being quite this sore. Must be my age! I know it's probably just a question of my fingers getting used to it again but does anyone ave any tips, perhaps something I could rub on them, anything? They hurt so much at the moment I don't want to pick the guitar up, which is very frustrating.

I certainly didn't get any advice back in the early 70's that's for sure!

Anyway, thanks very much in advance.
just keep playing till your fingers hurt, stop playing for the day and do that over again That's how I got over it
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just play untill it hurts, if it hurts a bit just keep on playing, you'll get used eventually