Alright all, just 2 questions I finally made it in the Orange owners club with my Rocker 30 head, Im running it through a old prob late 90's 1 x 18 marshall cab but I think i want to upgrade. Whats the best as I wanna keep a nice vintage sound.
Also Im just getting into effects after years of doing with out the. Can any one explain the benefit of using the effect loop and wht it does??? Is there a specific order I should put things in???
Sorry for a really basic question but ive never really used them!
Any help would be great. Got about $500 for a cab tops!
for a cab, i absolutely recommend an avatar. if you get a contemporary 2x12 with vintage 30s it's as close to an orange cab as you can get.

in regards to the effects loop, these pedals go in after the pre amp, so the modulation and effects affect the amp's signal rather than your guitar's signal into the amp. usage is pretty much the user's preference: i just started plugging all my pedals in front because i didn't want to worry about extra cables and i'm not gigging right now, but I think I'll be moving them back in the loop soon.

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