This is another one of those Finnish songs. The same project with Evakkoväki and Nöyrä laakson polku. This is the title track of the album I'm working on. Joki is Finnish and means "River". Where I'm from the river is a very important part of the surroundings and people there have somewhat of a mythology built around it. This song is about my love for that mystic part of nature called Tornio River.

I guess this song will eventually be over 10 minutes long with few verses and many instrumental parts with acoustic guitars... but also that heavier stuff.

Tell me what you think. I haven't decided yet how I'll proceed with this one.
Really cool. The beginning reminded me a little bit of Tool and the slow arpeggios are nice (at least I think they're arpeggios, I'm just listening to the midi. It flows into the heavy part great. Well done 4.6/5.0