bleeding in a stream
of all those memory's
nothing left between, you and me
its just us
and all those things, that make it seem
We where meant to be!

They try to break us!
their doing one, Hell of a job
I don't want to give up!
but its driving me insane

don't want to see you hurt, but your getting hurt
and I
Will be the one to pick you up, off of the ground
and now
You cant stand to see me, just sit at home; watching TV
I know you still love me, but the stress of society is making things
so hard to keep!

Wheres that smile!?
wheres that smile you had!?
wheres that glow!?
That glow in your eyes!
All I see is those tears when you cry!
and you cry
all the time


I'll hold you safe, I told you ill always stay
I'll never go away
and I cant stand, to see you hurt
Because you worth so much to me
I cant stand, to see you break all of those headaches driving you insane
Driving me insane

My love
we've both had enough
and ill wait for you
like I always do
under that bridge in are secret place
where we feel safe

And So I wait
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