Ok Ive Been Playing Tabs For About 2 Months Now And Everyone Says That Nirvana Songs Are So Easy. So, I Looked Up My Favorite Song By Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit And The Tab Is A Little Confusing.......

Here Is The Tab:


Ok First, With The 1st,3rd,And 3rd Fret Part I Get But The X Part I Know That You Mute It But..........And Im Using Standard Tuning And It Does Not Sound Right So Please Help Me With This One

And The Tab Im Using Is http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/n/nirvana/smells_like_teen_spirit_ver10_tab.htm
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just strum it while muted...listen to the recording and figure out the rhythm cuz tabs arent always right

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just put your fingers on the string lightly, so it sounds like something 'percussive' (don't know how to express it), in the same position as you were before...

listen to the song closely, you can hear it
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Read this!You know you really want to...

Play the F5, Lay your hand flat across the strings, strum, play the Ab5
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To mute it, put your left hand (assuming you're a righty, and pushing down on the frets with your left hand) on the strings, not pushing down the frets but hovering right on them. I'm sure someone could explain it better than I can,
I learnt it by playing it as a bass line first and then adding the remainder of the chord into the right hand pattern!
Well Its Like When I Play It That The 3rd 1-3-3 Part Should Be Removed