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Alternate/Economy Picking
Racer X--Technical Difficulties/Metal Dog
Paul Gilbert--Curse Of Castle Dragon
Megadeth--Tornado Of Souls
Megadeth--Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
Metallica--Fight Fire With Fire
Dream Theater--Metropolis Pt. One
Dream Theater--Erotomania
Dream Theater--This Dying Soul
Wintersun--Winter Madness
Buckethead--Nottingham Lace
Nicolo Paganini--5th Caprice**
John Petrucci--Glasgow Kiss
John Petrucci--Damage Control
Dream Theater--Octavarium
Dream Theater--Afterlife
Dream Theater--Lines In The Sand
Dream Theater--Overture 1928
Dream Theater--In The Presence Of Enemies
Liquid Tension Experiment--Paradigm Shift
Steve Morse--Tunmeni Notes
Al Di Meola--Pharaoh Kings
Shawn Lane--Gray Pianos Flying
Shawn Lane--Get You Back

String Skipping
Racer X--Scarified
Bach--Bouree In E Minor
Dream Theater--Innocence Faded
Liquid Tension Experiment--Universal Mind

Sweep Picking
Jason Becker--Altitudes
Jason Becker--Perpetual Burn
Jason Becker--Serrana
Cacophony--Speed Metal Symphony
Nevermore--The Psalm Of Lydia
Between The Buried and Me--Selkies:The Endless Obsession
Between The Buried and Me--Alaska
Yngwie Malmsteen--Trilogy Sweet Op. 5
Yngwie Malmsteen--Blitzkreig
Tony MacAlpine--Wheel Of Fortune
Michael Angelo Batio--No Boundries
Protest The Hero--Turn Soonest To The Sea
The Human Abstract--Vela Together We Await The Storm
The Human Abstract--Violent Strike
Nicolo Paganini--24th Caprice**
Necrophagist--Advanced Corpse Tumor
Necrophagist--Mutilate The Stillborn
Rusty Cooley--Under The Influence**
Rusty Cooley--The Butcher*
Rusty Cooley--Dominion**
Rusty Cooley--The Duel**
Dave Martone--Pigeon Walk
Racer X--Frenzy
Dream Theater--Fatal Tragedy
Frank Gambale--High 5

Sweep Tapping(Obviously this will improve your sweeping too)
Necrophagist--Symbiotic In Theory
Necrophagist--Fermented Offal Discharge
Dream Theater--Under A Glass Moon
Dragonforce--Valley Of The Damned

Hybrid Picking
Eric Johnson--Cliffs Of Dover
Guthrie Govan--Waves
Albert Lee--Country Boy

Guthrie Govan--Fives
Paul Gilbert--Four Seasons
Arsis--We Are The Nightmare
Extreme--Get The Funk Out
Mr. Big--Green Tinted Sixties Mind
Symphony X--Sea Of Lies
Symphony X--Of Sins And Shadows
Symphony X--Eve of Seduction
Steve Vai--Building The Church
Steve Vai--Liberty
Paul Gilbert--Get Out Of My Yard (without human capo)
Van Halen--Hot For Teacher
Van Halen--Jump
Van Halen--5150
Van Halen--Eruption
Van Halen--Dreams
Dokken--Tooth And Nail
Dream Theater--Wait For Sleep
Dave Martone--Starz Scarz
Dave Martone--Fumble Fingers
Protest The Hero--Bloodmeat
Reb Beach--Black Magic
Bumblefoot--Guitars Suck
Mattias Eklundh--Lisa\'s Passion For Heavy Metal

Touchstyle Tapping (separated as deciding difficulty would get difficult otherwise)
Joe Satriani--Midnight
Joe Satriani--Day At The Beach
Joe Satriani--The Forgotten Pt. 1
Joe Satriani--The Headless Horseman
Dave Martone--Tap Thang
Kiko Loureiro--Tapping Into My Dark Tranquility
Angra--Heroes Of Sand
Zack Kim--Super Mario Theme
Stanley Jordan--Anything

Joe Satriani--Flying In A Blue Dream
Joe Satriani--Power Cosmic
Joe Satriani--Echo
Joe Satriani--The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing
Iron Maiden--Number Of The Beast
Rusty Cooley--Dark Matter**
Steve Vai--Lotus Feet
Steve Vai--For The Love Of God
Dream Theater--Lies In The Sand
Dream Theater--In The Name Of God
Allan Holdsworth--Fred
Allan Holdsworth--City Nights
Allan Holdsworth--Metal Fatigue

Chord Work
Joe Satriani--Joe Satriani
Al Di Meola--Mediterranean Sundance
Al Di Meola--Splendido Sundance