Hey UG,

I was wondering if anyone had any jazz licks:

1) That they could post a link to
2) Could post the tabs to
3) Discuss the ideas of

I am at a loss trying to find some jazz licks, and I'm not the greatest at coming up with my own stuff

Anyone have any jazz licks that go over a chord progression like
1 + 2 e (+) a (3) e a 4 +

Or in rhythm speak ( just made that up )

Da da dada da da dada da

the second chord is this in that same pattern:


Any suggestions or anything would be helpful.


Thanks, and keep rockin UG!

You could (rather simplistically) play around with the Major scales in the key of the chord progressions, but to tell you actual scales I'd need to see the actual progression (chord names).
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this is a C9 chord...but you can play arpeggio licks from Emi7b5/Gmi6/Bb13b5 chords against it...there are many other ways to approach this...using b5 substitutions you have lots of choices ... this takes some time & practice to get under your fingers

play well

II-V in F Could be one way of analyzing. Loads and loads of songs that have II-Vs so transcribe some solos and steal. One of my favorites is one of coltrane's at the beginning of his first giant steps chorus.
I've always dug gypsy jazz, and Django liked to do all sorts of pseudo-chromatic runs in his playing.

That said, there are no scales you can play and automatically sound "jazz" it's all in the phrasing. Listen to some bop or whatever you're into and listen to how the band works.

Licks from ALL kinds on jazz players.

standardnotation and tabs, i'm sure you like it, and I learned quite some things from it.

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Transcribe some! You'll learn more.
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Transcribe some! You'll learn more.


as for your chords, it's a very very common change, although it isn't even really a change, G dorian and Cdominant work over both chords, so there's your scale
you might wanna get more interesting though, and start with something like bopminor into altered scale, and maybe hint at a C#9 arpeggio in the Gm7 chord

anyway, the way to go is arpeggios, target notes being G Bb D F and C E G Bb D
im not gonna write out licks, just get a good book or mess around with it
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learn John Coltrane's version of Miles Davis' So What.

It's on UG
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