Ok, I know it's in guitar pro. Oh, yeah and the quality sucks because i have to record to my headset mic from my crappy speakers...sigh. Unless someone can tell me an easier way to get guitar pro to mp3 or is willing to send me recording equipment (i know you're all DYING to do that) they're going to stay this way till I get a new job. Anyway thanks for reviewing in advance.
Oh yeah it's in my profile...
Hey dude, you can export the file as a MIDI or WAV. file, if you really want to mp3 it, you can convert the WAV file to MP3, with some converters..

I personally use Audacity to convert WAV to MP3, just do that, then post that one!

EDIT: To export the file in GP just press File in the Left upper corner of your screen and you'll find it from there
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it says a call to a standard soundcard driver failed when i tried to export as wav...
You are a gentleman and a scholar, but unfortunately your assistance is dwarfed only by my predicament. Thanks again, though.