Hey guys, I'm wondering if the Agile PS-900 (from Rondo Music) would be a nice upgrade over my Squier strat.

Reason I'm asking is because it looks pretty damn good


Although, I know sound is more important than looks.

So, are they quality guitars? Worth the shot?

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from what Ive seen on here, Agiles are solid guitars, Id go ahead and buy it, you can return it if you dont like it anyways
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Aww shucks...

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definate upgrade from your squire

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Is that an indonesian one with a humbucker.

Talking about the squire.
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just about anything would be an upgrade from a bullet strat

but, yeah, the agile would be a solid, wallet-friendly choice
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I will be keeping my Squier, I wanna keep it at least until later down road when I get a real Stratocaster.

As for now, I'm looking for a HH style guitar to play more Santana stuff.

Thanks so far, looks like the PS-900 is a nice option.
PRS SE Custom 24
Albion TCT 35
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Definitely. Dump the Squire.

i agree ^^ dump it on the side of the road maybe reverse over it a couple times get out smash it with a hammer then run it over again
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No,they're to high end for me.I usually just walk into a random building and scream "FIX MY BANJO NOW!!!!" until they hit me with sticks and call the police.
even better if you're saving the money for a strat :P

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