Hey I posted in other threads but this debate wasn't really going on. I'm not looking to spend to much as obviously I need a rack at some point which I'd like to buy in a pack but if not will get seperately.. the cheapest I found the Oscar major was 20 pounds but that site doesn't have the rack... so I'd need to pay a seperate site + delivery for the rack. I want a site that is selling both for under 40 pounds.

I know Neil young used Hohner and I believe so did Bob Dylan, am I correct in saying, that the Lee Oscar is a newer more modern thing and people go for the hohner mainly because of it's legacy ? (The marine band? :P)

Any answers opinions welcome. I'd like to know of a few good steady online retailers too. Many seem not to have both harmonicas and the right rack.

I was recommend the Lee Oscar rack. So if anyone has anything bad to say about it, go for it. The harmonica is still in debate but will be in the key of C. Thanks for reading
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now i have never played an lee oscar but i do own a hohner (did i spell it right) (marine band) in the key of C and i find that it is a very good cheap harmonica that sounds good when playing bob dylan
Oh and btw also looking to mainly make my own stuff which sounds a bit more like Neil young then bob. But not that much like either.
Accidents waiting to happen