Just a little jam session with a few friends. The "lead" guitar isn't me, but everything else you'll hear is. It's very basic, but it was just a little session.

I rewrote the lead that your hearing here, and it will probably be redone tomorrow.

I'm on the bass, drums, and the distorted "chorus" guitar.

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The name's too gay to even listen to.
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I loled
I don't care for the name, not my choice. But thanks for being supportive :P You're a great person
It's not bad. I liked it once it got to the chorus. Make the guitar a little more interesting, and add some good vocals, and I think it will be pretty sweet.
I like the name, it's on of my favorite movies. Anway, you need to work on all the parts 'working' together. Add some vocals then BAM!