im getting a new guitar for my birthday(may).
but i dont know what to gett????
i already have a Usa Fender Stratocaster but i would like a guitar that will give a good metallica-ish tone.
i can spend up to around £200.
any suggestions?
obviously something with humbuckers, preferably the ones with hi gain. Look for Ibanez / Jackson or stuff like that.. Not sure, cause i'm not in taht kinda music much.
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id look at schecter, they have good guitars in that range
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200 Euros?

Just buy some nice effect pedals man, it's better than buying a cheap quality guitar. If that's simply not an option, Schecters make nice models in that range.
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i really like the look of the ESP M-50 i can see one for £185. is this a good guitar???
If you can save up a bit more the wasburn X-50pro http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/x50-pro/67531

that has got really good reviews.
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well I think Kirk hammett mainly uses ESP guitars or he did use a flying V and a jackson however these are usually over the money your looking to spend (from where I am anyway).

I think you could pick up a cheap ESP from somewhere. ESP LTDs are probably what you want to be looking for (you want to be looking for humbuckers as single coils on your strat wont have a heavy enough sound for metallica).

I'm hoping I helped you in some way I've given you a link to guitar amp keyboard with a few guitars within your price range

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have a look at epiphone's too, they'r not bad ones for your price range. But ESP LTDs are good value for money.