hey guys

this may sound very unconventional
and i probably will get flamed a lot for this


i have currently a 20watt solid state combo amp

and over summmer
i was planning on turning it into a head

i also have a mini pa system with like 2 speakers

would it work if

i took the amp head, plugged it into the pa system and use that instead of a cab?

or would that just sound like crap?

if you are going to plug it into the PA system, you'd have to make sure it's either almost exactly 8ohms, 16ohms or 4ohms.

i'm not very exprienced in working with PA systems.

but even so, i doubt you'd get that amount of ohms from a PA system. if your amp has a "lineout" jack, please use it instead.
i have had some training as a sound technician
any instrument apart from a keyboard being run through a pa sounds like total and utter S***
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not worth it. don't do chopping, it's just not a good idea, and you'll probably ruin the amp.

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how exactly are you planning to do this? are the PA speakers active or passive?

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