When doing a small like like that, you pick the first note and pull-off to the next on every string. But, do you place both your fingers to the fretboard at the same time, or do you first place your ring finger and while pulling off, you press your index finger to the fretboard?
Sorry for the long question on a simple thing, but I hope you understood what im after.
I cant do it either way , so which way am I supposed to do it?
well... your index finger should be on the note when you pull off your other one.

im gonna assume you havent been playing very long, so ill also point out that you'll get a natural timing for it soon enough. just keep playing, it wont always be difficult.

it also depends on the song your playing. faster songs will mean you get your index finger down just before you pull off, whereas in a slower song you can put it down earlier.
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keep both fingers on the board and try to pluck away with your ring finger when you pull off
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you reeeally don't have to think about that - just practice and it comes naturally (as it should be)

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Your ring finger will be on the first note, and you'll flick that off to the next note, which will be played on your index finger.

Using both hands (fretting and picking) is called tapping, which i think you mentioned< and it isnt the same as hammer ons and pull offs

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No I didnt mean tapping. I've been playing for about 2 years. That kinds of licks just feel uncomfortable and I tend to pick every note. I took that lick from carry on my wayward son and it sounds rubbish if I dont pick every note =)