I am currently searching for a new amp, and I was wondering which out of the following would be best for me. (Listed in order of rarity)

Most Likely:
Peavey 6505+ 112 combo - New
Mesa Boogie DC-3 112 Combo - Used

Less Likely:
VHT Pitbull 112 Combo - Used
Mesa Boogie Mark III 112 Combo- Used

Least Likely:
Mesa Boogie DC-5 112 Combo - Used
Engl Screamer 112 Combo - Used

My primary genre is metal in the vein of Lamb of God, Opeth, Mastodon and Nile; particularly Lamb of God and Opeth. Cleans are pretty important to my sound, but I have managed to get a good clean sound from my VK, so if I had to I could A/B my new amp with my VK. I also do play Blues and Jazz so versatility is a plus, but once again, I am looking for a METAL amp. My budget is around $750-800. Oh and I will be buying off of the 'bay if I buy used.

(Oh and if anyone has a more specific date than the Q2 2009 for the new 6505+ 112 combo or if there are any places already taking orders for it, I would like to know.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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hmm you need versatility and HAI GHAINZ!!!
i suggest
Peavey XXX/6505+ Combo/JSX (used)
Mesa/Boogie F-30/DC3
JCM 900/ 800 dual channel
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