I can understand him drawing his gun, never exit your vehicle when you are pulled over by a police officer. But after they explained that they were visiting a dieing family member, especially after hospital officials came outside and verified it, he should have let them go. He obviously was not driving recklessly; he had his hazard lights on, and stopped at the red light until it was safe for him to go.
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Yea, basically he's a dick
i can understand not believe the "ZOMB MY MUM IS DIEING" excuse, but once you have proof from the hospital, definitely should have let them go
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I don't feel that bad for them. When you get pulled over, DON'T GET OUT OF THE CAR! It's like the second rule after "don't try to run". If he had pulled over immediately (not after finding a parking spot) and everyone stayed in the car, the officer would probably have been a lot more understanding. Once you start arguing with an officer and failing to follow his instructions, it's all over.
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