don't know if this goes here...

i need the best di box i can get with a budget around (prefareabbly below) 100$. i can get amplitube but of course i need a d box to plug into the mic in or line in or whatever. so those pod things i hear are good. Only requierment other then the budget and quality is it must work with amplitube (obviously).

Also on a sidenote, how would i plug it in if i was also using amplitube with the di (or similar amp simulator). Would it be. guitar>amp>di box> mic/line in or just guitar>di box>line in.

I have a Carvn DC127 and a Fender Frontman....

Finially. does anyone know of a cheap usb webcam. like im talking very cheap like 10$ at radio shack.

names and links please. answer in a:




format if you can. please answer any and all questions.

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webcam part definately doesnt belong here
but im not sure about the first question genrally you would just go to a music/recording
store and ask about it and they would know a hell of a lot more than us ^^
good luck!
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in my experience di boxes sound really tinny and **** with a guitar they sound fine for acoustic guitars, bass and keyboards but that's about it.

Are you just going into a PC or laptop yeah? cause if so then is that what your on about http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/78821

edit* cause when you say DI box I'm thinking of one of these that we use in the studio http://www.gear4music.com/Recording-and-Computers/Behringer-DI100-Ultra-DI-Box/2BI but yeah the first link will do fine if your just using the sounds from amplitude as an amp
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I use an ART tube-mp studio. It has a 12ax7 tube pre-amp,pre and post level settings,clip supressor,and has both XLR and 1/4 line inputs and outputs.it has worked great on-stage over the last year or so. I use effects before the box as I use the XLR out-put to the PA system and the line out to a small amp on-stage for a monitor. hope this helps BTW, they have a model that has usb for the computer
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