Ok, misleading title, kind of. I have a Digitech RP250, connected to my computer through the USB port (2.0, if it matters). I want to record from it to Audacity, but, for reasons beyond my understanding, Audacity refuses to recognize it in it's recording device area.

Any suggestions on how I could do this?
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That's strange... if you connet the same processor through a normal input jack, does it work? That's the way I've recorded so far (though it results in poor quality)
Check your control panel under sound/audio devices. You should see the sound device there. Make it the default record device. If it's not there then the audio driver didn't get installed correctly. You can also check the Audacity preferences to get to it there.
download the drivers again, go to control panel -> audio devices (assuming you use windows) and set it as your default recording device. then in audacity, go to preferences and do the same

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THis might sound like a silly answer... but you are connecting the 1/4" mono output to the 1/8 mic input of you sound card - not the USB, right?

Verify that the audio input is working correctly by launching the sound recorder and checking there. Then deal with Audacity.
Make sure your computer is recognizing it as the recording device.
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