ok sounds good, on another note. I am looking for a delay pedal to sweeten up my solos and rythms. I play metal, and i'd like a good amount of delay to have that almost shawn lane type of tone. Would i need a reverb as well to achieve something similar?
I know about the carbon copy, i dont have a good grasp on what type of sound 600ms delay will give and wether or not ill be better served with a digital delay or not.
i havent really heard anything good on the boss pedals, i hear they color tone alot. What other digital delay is there to look at? I cant go up to the line 6 dl4 so i need something cheaper.
i can solder. ill check em out.

their delay is more than the carbon copy.
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dude. u can solder? cool.

back to the patch cables. since u can solder. u should seriously consider these:
Evidence Audio Monorail Cables

buy some flatheads or nuetrik jacks and u're good. u'll need to know how to cut those cables properly but trust me its easy.

i've tried george l's and they dont match up to the monorail. the monorail has much better clarity and a more natural midrange. gl's have a tad too much treble for my liking. i'm using the monorail cable with the solderless gl heads. but soldering is definitely more reliable and fail safe.

and the best part is. their real cheap. at 2bucks per foot its a no brainer. u'll need to spend on the heads though.
If you have a Guitar Center near buy, get Live Wire cables for sure. Every time I go to GC I bring mine in and have them replaced whether they are shorted out or not (I haven't tried turning in a cable bought on Musicians Friend yet, but according the Live Wire, it should be accepted at Guitar Center (and more so being that MF and GC are the same thing...))

Patch cables aren't covered under warranty. Anyway, I like mine, I'd still get some.
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If you want something really high quality, look at the Lava Cable Mini ELC. Musiciansfriend sells kits complete with solderless plugs.
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The soldering thing was about looking at a BYOC delay pedal. I really dont have the money to buy a patch cable kit that is 70 dollars. I saw the live wire patch cables for 4 bucks and i wanted to know how they were. I saw a few Line 6 echo parks on ebay for 40 something. They sound pretty good and have alot of options. Anything to lookout about them?
I really like the Echo Park, but some people don't.

Look around on youtube and see how you like the sound.
If you do, then there should be nothing to worry about. The ToneCore series of pedals are constructed well and will hold up nicely.
If you have any other Line 6 pedals, you'll need a seperate 9v adapter as they have a tendency to squeal when daisy chained with other tonecores.

Other than that little precaution, they dont have many problems.