Ok well I'm thinking about getting a distortion pedal soon due to the fact that the distortion effect on my spider sounds horrible.
I was wondering and sorry if I come off as a "nub" but if I were to get a distortion pedal would the tone no longer be terrible or what...
Also I'm really into playing such things as The Fall of Troy, and some metal, that type of music
Any suggestions on good distortion pedals?
^ Distortion Pedal + Crap MOdeling amp = crapIER tone.
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get a new amp first, you'll thank yourself later
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Lol thanks guys but that's the main problem my folks won't let me sell the amp... So I thought maybe a distortion pedal would make this amp sound much better, I guess I'm wrong
i really dont think the spider is going to like pedals, but a few good ones to try are the EHX metal muff and the digitech hardwire tl-2

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