I've been looking for a versatile amp in the <$1000 range for a while now, and from what I've heard, the Traynor YCS50 looks to be my best bet. On eBay, from proaudiostar, there is a B-Stock YCS50 for $599. While it does come with the 2-year manufacturer warranty, does anybody have experience with ordering this particular item?

I don't want to end up with a busted amp and have to ship it back and all that crap, if that's gonna be the case I'll just go with something I can buy locally like a Classic 30.
^what genres do you play??
i heard traynors are good but i havent tried any of em.
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For the most part I play all sorts of rock (ranging from the Eagles to Pearl Jam to Audioslave), so I need a fairly good range of distortion, as well as decent cleans. I'm not looking for both superb distortion and cleans, I just want something that will do OK distortion/clean, with a fair amount of versatility.

If the B-Stock isn't such a hot idea, I was thinking about either grabbing a Valveking 112 and swapping the speaker/tubes, or a Classic 30 and an OD pedal. Then I'd just waiting another year til I could get my hands on a Mesa without being strapped for cash.
im guessing you're saving for a Stiletto????
if yes then save up for it its a very nice rock amp.
if you want to buy a new amp and save another $1500 then go with the traynor.
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I'd like to go with the Traynor, but I'm hoping somebody can confirm that they bought one of these b-stock amps and that there wasn't a problem with it. I could care less about cosmetic damage, but I'd rather chew glass than deal with shipping the amp back.
B-Stock are usually factory faults in the amp that would make it unsuitable to sell at full price. The damage is almost always exterior, (cosmetic) fully functional.
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I've purchased from ProAudioStar in the past and had no issues whatsoever. And ML_Guitar09 is correct, B-stock means fully functional with what is usually a cosmetic blemish or two. It's very difficult to tell the difference between a B-stock amp and a non-B-stock amp that's been gigged a couple of times.
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traynors are awesome, they are perffec for what you want, I'd go for it
Yeah, I mean, if the seller has a great rating, it's probably a solid deal, and just a cosmetic fault. Kind of like shopping at Marshalls or similar clothing stores that have minor defects that most times you reeeeeally have to look for.


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I just bought that same amp from them and it look new. Very good company!!!