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I understand the need for my school to want to catch all the kids that tag up the bathrooms and locker room but is it really necessary to have cameras recording in the bathroom. So Pit any other person have a similar problem or story?

Btw: It's not like I won't go piss, I'm just saying that it's a big invasion on my privacy.
Yeah that has to break some kind of law
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Stop making a big deal about it. They're just cameras...
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Best call the feds, sounds like another case of child pornography.
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They're bullshitting you. There aren't cameras in your school bathroom.
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Id check that out With the proper authorities if i were you it does sound sketchy to me.
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Also, that sounds very very illegal. Be sexy anyway.

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the guys bull****ing tbh lame atempt at startin a thread

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Thing is, the guy aint bulsh*ting at all, there are two schools in my town, both have camaras in the bathrooms. I'm not certain if its legal, but TS isn't making it up.

Unbelievable IMO. If it is legal, it shouldn't be.

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im pretty sure thats illegal. way dont you tell your parents and sue them or something. you can make alot of money.
They took the locks off all the stalls in my high school bathrooms. It makes it impossible to take a crap
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i am pretty sure that is ILLEGAL
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You have no idea how much the cameras at my school bug me. They are all over the place.. What you're saying really does sound illegal, though.
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It's not illegal if the cameras are pointing at a public area rather than at the urinals or in the cubicles.

Basically provided they can't see your dick.

When I was head of the Student council in High School we campaigned to have them brought in after a number of first years came to us and said that they were scared to use the bathrooms because they were liable to get beaten up in them. A number of students had been attacked or had books thrown in the toilets.
We'd rather not have had them but they were necessary.
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They're bullshitting you. There aren't cameras in your school bathroom.

Agreed. Thats illegal on many different levels.

One way to find out though, tag the lens and see if they catch you. if they catch you through footage, sue the bastards.
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Sounds illegal.

Back in my high school days there was a rumour that the toilets had cameras, there was one odd tile on a walk with the tiniest hole so everyone presumed it was there.

I mooned it, turns out it was just a hole, however the little window next to it was the cleaning ladies room and she wasn't too happy about the view.

Her loss.
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just shake your wang at the camera and if they call you to the office then report them to the cops for child porn.
if your under 18
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ya, im pretty sure its illegal

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my school had cameras in the toilets. they were pointed at the entrance and the middle of the bathroom. There were no blind spots but you couldn't see anything if you were using the urinals and they couldn't see into the cubicles.

you'd be able to see who went into which cubicle but that was about it.

If it's a similar setup I doubt you'd have anything against the school to try and make them take them down. Think of it this way. if you use the urinals you're effectively peeing in public, anyone can see you peeing. if you're in the cubicle you have the locked door.

what does having cameras there change? it might as well be a person constantly standing in the bathroom monitoring what's happening.
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Illegal if true (unlikely).

Also, if true, what would happen if the entire male population of the school used the bathroom naked, with tube socks if self-conscious, in protest?


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I think there are some of them looking right over the stalls, I'll have to investigate.

I'll be back... with pictures and kittens (everyone likes kittens right?)
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