well i have been working on fingerstyle with the bass for a few days now, i've always been a fingerstyle player guitarwise but rarely attempted it on bass...to overcome the hurdle i have been working with FL Studio 8 composing a simple but punchy drum kit loop and running up and down the major scale/Mixolydian and Minor etc. Also doing a funky pocket groove aswell.

basically starting out at 80BPM that apparently was the BPM that i didnt make severe mistakes with the alternating of fingers. and my plan is to every other day bump the BPM up by around 5...today im on 85BPM. anyone else ever done something like this?

its amazing how slowing something down really makes it more difficult lol.
yup sounds good man. I know that shedders do this kind speed building/training. Report back after in a week or 2 the results. ^_^
That seems to work with pretty much everything else. It's worked for me too
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well its mainly just to get some consistancy in the alternating of the fingers, i found that higher speeds my two fingers would get a bit out of hand and i would simply miss resulting in very sloppy finger picking, wife is gone for 6months in the middle east sooo i have until october to have myself bass gig ready lol.

everyone needs a bassist, mostly everyone isnt looking for a guitarist!