Hey guys, I've been watching some videos of live musicians play their songs such as Kirk Hammett and Dave mustaine and I have noticed that when they fret chords that are on top of the neck or play their solos, their hand is wrapped around the guitar neck with their thumbs pointing upward. THe way I currently fret my guitar is by positioning my thumb on the back of the neck to push upward while my fingers are on the fretboard pushing downward. Using this technique, my wrist is always arched even on the upper part of the fretboard.

My question is this: Is my technique incorrect? Sometimes I get discomfort when playing songs that changes chords really fast on the top of the neck like Tornado of Souls.
I would say that you should do whatever feels more natural. some chords i prefer to play wrapped around and others i play with my thumb in back.
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when i first started learning guitar i went into this hendrix phase, (really havent come out of it after three years), so i learned his songs and songs in that sort of style and time period. so i pretty much learned guitar using the thumb technique (using your thumb to fret the top string especially on bar chords). and if im not fretting with my thumb it sort of sticks out over the neck. to me this made bends, especially unison bends, easier, and it increased my speed because it puts my whole wrist at a different angle.

if i try to hold the neck "properly" with my thumb pressed on the back of the neck its is uncomfortable to me. so it may be a hard habit to unlearn in the future.
My thumb moves around all the time when I'm playing - I'd say just let it go where its most natural. Some things will be easier to play with your thumb in the middle of the neck (eg barre chords) other things will be easier with it over the top (eg bends). Just do what feels right and is most practical for what you are playing.
My thumbs never really stays in one place generaly it just moves arond to help get the pressure and angle for the cleanest tones and sounds. There mostly isn't a Wrong place for The thumb If it is comforable, you can play competantly, and it's not in the way.
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playing this way however, puts my wrist at a sort of uncomfortable angle (especially when i am standing) which causes slight to mild discomfort. is this bad? should i switch now and relearn how to play?
I used to do the thumb fretting thing for a while, but it ended up ****ing up my wrist. From then on I switched to classical style. I think it's a lot milder, and you get used to it right quick.
what that guy said
when doing fast scalar runs and such it's usually best to do the classical style but when you start doing bluesy bends and licks your are better off using the thumb over neck technique
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What is the "classical style?

Thumb in the middle of the neck. All the playing is done with the index, middle, ring and pinky fingers alone. Dig?
usually you want to keep your thumb in the middle of the back of the neck, if you need, put a piece of tape on it so you can feel it. Sometimes I wrap my thumb around to play bass notes Hendrix style, but mostly you will be out of form if you thumb is real far away from the center of the back of the neck. However, do what feels comfortable.